Vendbridge supports companies to accelerate growth. How? By helping to create products that customers really want. By focusing innovation and technologies on unmet needs. By creating value propositions that sell.

Our clients: Ambitious companies from medtech, financial services, consumer goods and technology.

Our approach: Since many years, we bring Jobs-to-be-done thinking to the next level. First as marketing executives in FMCG, then as co-development partner of Tony Ulwick from Strategyn and ODI (Outcome Driven Innovation). Now we continuously improve our methodology thanks to the feedback of our clients from various industries. Outcome is a proven framework for predictive market success.

Central to our approach: The Customer Value Map as input for your innovation work

More about our approach here: www.customer-focused-innovation.com

The Customer Value Map

Newest from the blog

The advice Vendbridge gave for our B2B sales strategy has changed the game.
Resulting in a better learning curve and most important more closed deals.
I would highly recommend hiring Vendbridge to work on sales acceleration.

Jim Hershkowitz, Co-founder Immodating

Your professionalism and commitment impressed me. My objective has been achieved.
Changing the mindset from: «What new business model can we develop?» to
«What are the opportunities for us, given our customer's true needs?»

Antonio, Head of Global Market Access

I thought I knew my clients, but what I discovered from your project
gave me a whole new perspective on how our clients think.

Paul, New Business Model Developer

When I committed the money for this project, I expected
one new insight. Now I got at least 8. It was worth every pound.

Laura, Head of Market Access UK

With Vendbridge we did an amazing project. They helped us open up our eyes
and have a different perspective that brought real good value to us.

TV Provider, Head of Innovation

Every time I visited India in the last 4 years, more questions occurred.
With this approach, I discovered solutions to answers.
I am now prepared to go ahead full steam with these ideas.

Lindt & Sprüngli of Switzerland, Area manager India

In the context of the project focusing on TV Widgets,
I was truly impressed by the power of your method,
the practicability of your tools and the inspiration that came from it.

Digital TV, Head of Innovation

Vendbridge’s advise was really amazing. The tools they recommended, like the pain
sheet, revealed totally new insights from our clients, which we can use to demonstrate
our value. I am sure this will instantly improve our sales results.

Technology Startup, CEO

You Vendbridge guys really inspired our relationship managers.

Global Retail Bank, Business Unit Head Asset Management