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The wide range of our client base might raise questions. Can we work at the same time for medtec and industrial companies, for online retailers, health insurance companies, banks, art fairs, skin care companies and museums? For large international companies and technology startups?

Yes, we can. We are convinced that this is even one of our strengths. As the fresh look at industries opens the eyes for new paths. And suddenly you and your organization will see your business from the from the customer’s point of view.

Current engagements:

Mobile Banking for international bank

How can the usage of mobile banking applications be increased?
How to position mobile banking in comparison to e-banking and to competitor’s mobile solutions in order to maximize customer usage rates?

Leading insurance company

Which value-add innovations in retirement planning and car insurance can help to differentiate from competitors?
What are approaches to design interaction between the insurance company and customers in a more relevant way?

Global food manufacturer

What are the worries and concerns of consumers, when dealing with food and foodstuffs in everyday life?
Which innovation projects have high success chances from a consumer point of view?
What are promising overarching innovation concepts beyond individual food categories?

International Medtech company

How are diagnostic test devices integrated into the daily routines of physician offices?
Which IT functions are required in order to address pain points of physicians and nurses when conducting diagnostic tests?

Leading art fare

What’s the direction for a digital strategy in order to develop a more intense relationship with art collectors throughout the year?
How can new technologies like blockchain or virtual reality be applied to bring value to collectors and galleries?

Premium kitchen device manufacturer

Which innovation projects on the roadmap will be successful from a customer point of view?
Which projects have fewer success chances?
How can projects be sharpened in order to better address customer pain points?

From Alcan to UBS – Our clients:

Some accomplished projects:

  • Robotics: Identify the most promising market segments for a newly developed robotic arm and define compelling customer value propositions and sales stories for each of the identified segments. Support the market launch plan
  • Medtech: Define the right market positioning and value proposition for a startup with products for feminine hygiene, and help developing packaging, pricing and communication strategy
  • OEM car manufacturer: Develop innovative concepts for car seats based on new customer insights from drivers and passengers
  • European fashion retailer: Develop a new marketing strategy including clear positioning in the market and defining target groups; also support briefing advertising companies
  • Leading Swiss telecom provider: Help to create new offerings for corporate clients based on user insights
  • FIFA World Football Museum (opening in 2016): Develop a customer-focused museum experience by discovering target visitors needs. These needs are addressed via the design and concept of the entire offering, including target group profiling
  • Global Medtech company: Discover payer insights in Europe to develop innovative business models
  • Global Medtech company: Discover motives and problems of Diabetes-1 patients in their daily insulin management. The insights were used for a global market strategy and development of an innovative insulin injection system
  • Global consumer goods company: Understand unmet needs, motivations and barriers of users of a new technology/product category in order to ideate innovative solutions with R&D and identify the right acquisition targets
  • Start-up for energy: Coach for a unique wind power generation solution based on a kite
  • Market leader in manufacturing and distribution of household and kitchen products: Positioning and listing strategy for retail trade in Germany based on unmet needs of consumers
  • European electronic components distributor: Differentiate the value proposition from competitors based on outside-in generated customer insights for European key markets
  • Health management provider: Recognize critical situations and protection mechanisms of former addicts in order to develop a mobile health App in cooperation with the ETH Zurich
  • Loyalty program provider: Develop a 2.0 customer loyalty strategy based on insights into end-users and partners motives
  • Global OEM for thermic power plants: Develop a customer-focused innovation strategy for Europe, Asia and America for automation & control
  • Global consumer brand: Develop a customer-centric messaging strategy for the Indian market
  • Global agrochemical company: Create consumer concepts for Indian farmers who are at the bottom of the wealth pyramid
  • Swiss market leader for trade fairs: Plan and design an innovative event concept for wealthy bank clients
  • European provider of elastomer & plastic components: Accelerate sales projects through value selling
  • Swiss private bank: Define a repositioning strategy, including the development of a compelling value proposition and an innovative service offering
  • Financial services company: Create an advisory concept for wealthy retired individuals
  • Microfinance India: Develop a loyalty strategy and innovative offering ideas for their core services
  • Coating solution provider: Implement a conceptual value selling approach for global key account management & regional field forces in Europe, the US and Asia
  • TV company: Prioritize and strengthen more than hundred innovation ideas based on end consumer expectations
  • Global agrochemical company: Develop an innovation strategy to convince Chinese & Indian farmers of the efficiency and value of premium products
  • Commercial building management company: Identify key customer insights and develop a customer-focused innovation strategy for new product development
  • Global nuts & bolts wholesaler: Develop customer-focused engineering solutions
  • Swiss furniture retailer: Define repositioning of brand and service strategy to distinguish themselves from competitors
  • Hearing aids company: Prioritize the innovation pipeline and create a more patient-oriented communication strategy

The advice Vendbridge gave for our B2B sales strategy has changed the game.
Resulting in a better learning curve and most important more closed deals.
I would highly recommend hiring Vendbridge to work on sales acceleration.

Jim Hershkowitz, Co-founder Immodating

Your professionalism and commitment impressed me. My objective has been achieved.
Changing the mindset from: «What new business model can we develop?» to
«What are the opportunities for us, given our customer's true needs?»

Antonio, Head of Global Market Access

I thought I knew my clients, but what I discovered from your project
gave me a whole new perspective on how our clients think.

Paul, New Business Model Developer

When I committed the money for this project, I expected
one new insight. Now I got at least 8. It was worth every pound.

Laura, Head of Market Access UK

With Vendbridge we did an amazing project. They helped us open up our eyes
and have a different perspective that brought real good value to us.

TV Provider, Head of Innovation

Every time I visited India in the last 4 years, more questions occurred.
With this approach, I discovered solutions to answers.
I am now prepared to go ahead full steam with these ideas.

Lindt & Sprüngli of Switzerland, Area manager India

In the context of the project focusing on TV Widgets,
I was truly impressed by the power of your method,
the practicability of your tools and the inspiration that came from it.

Digital TV, Head of Innovation

Vendbridge’s advise was really amazing. The tools they recommended, like the pain
sheet, revealed totally new insights from our clients, which we can use to demonstrate
our value. I am sure this will instantly improve our sales results.

Technology Startup, CEO

You Vendbridge guys really inspired our relationship managers.

Global Retail Bank, Business Unit Head Asset Management