New customer insights drive new business

Vendbridge helps clients to initiate and accelerate growth by adding the customer view to business building initiatives. In over 120 international projects, we delivered fast and long-lasting results across various industries. By looking at customer needs from the job-to-be-done angle, we enable our clients to initiate growth via:

  1. Content for innovation: create game changing new products, services or business models
  2. Sharper value propositions: make your products unique
  3. Sales effectiveness: boost revenues of existing products

Challenge your new business ideas from a pure outside-in customer perspective with our proprietary Customer Focused Innovation (CFI) methodology.

Read what our clients, mostly large multinational companies and technology-start-ups, say about the impact we have.


Our current engagements
  • Robotics: Identify the most promising market segments for a newly developed robotic arm and define compelling customer value propositions and sales stories for each of the identified segments. Support the market launch plan
  • Medtec: Define the right market positioning and value proposition for a startup with products for feminine hygiene, and help tin developing packaging, pricing and communication strategy
  • OEM car manufacturer: Develop innovative concepts for car seats based on new customer insights from drivers and passengers
  • European fashion retailer: Develop a new marketing strategy including clear positioning in the market and defining target groups; also support in briefing advertising companies
  • Leading Swiss telecom provider: Help to create new offerings for corporate clients based on user insights  
  • FIFA World Football Museum (opening in 2016): Develop a customer-focused museum experience by discovering target visitors needs. These needs are addressed via the design and concept of the entire offering, including target group profiling 
  • Global Medtech company: Discover payer insights in Europe to develop innovative business models 
  • Global Medtech company: Discover motives and problems of Diabetes-1 patients in their daily insulin management. The insights were used for a global market strategy and development of an innovative insulin injection system
  • Global consumer goods company: Understand unmet needs, motivations and barriers of users of a new technology / product category in order to ideate innovative solutions with R&D and identify the right acquisition targets 
  • Start-up for energy: Coach for a unique wind power generation solution based on a kite