Our lives have changed overnight. What was important a few days ago is replaced by new priorities. Now we need to look beyond the obvious: What do home office workers really need beyond Skype? How do families deal with spending many days in a confined space? To answer these questions, we will carry out a fully digital Jobs-to-be-done project on the two core jobs «To work from home» and «To live in a confined space».

We make it open: Your chance to join us and look across our shoulders! We will set up a series of virtual meetups for you to learn how we apply JTBD: Explore user needs in-depth. Validate findings quantitatively. Align ideas to needs. Discover with us the real pain points of families and home office workers and learn how we apply our approach on this situation based on our experience of more than 100 JTBD projects.

The meetups will be a mix of showing how we work, discussions and exchange with all of you. You can also contribute to the project in different ways. By providing feedback, by being an interview partner, by helping recruit people for the interviews or in other ways.