Some of you know: We have launched an open Jobs-to-be-done project to find out what home office workers really want. It’s framed around the core job: «To work from home» and includes specific household situations like living with kids as well as working «on the go».

It’s time for the next session “How to conduct effective JTBD interviews”.

We have already run 14 interviews with eye-opening insights beyond the obvious. With first findings that are potential game changers and that provide much more than just the boring discussions about tools going on at the moment.

Look over our shoulder and learn which techniques we use in our interviews and let us share with you what we’ve found out so far.

We are in the second project phase “Discover”.
During this phase we are about to find out what the individual interview partners’ opinions are and what is important for them. We will show you, how we get this knowledge from the interviews.

In our qualitative interviews we discussed the project subject “work from home”. The main task in this interview was to:

  • listen to the interview sequence and write down Value Metrics.
    Therefore one has to listen carefully!
The outcome of all the interviews is a list with many Value Metrics. In the team we discussed them and created a short list with the most important/ most relevant ones. This list includes about 100 Value Metrics.
Examples of Value Metrics that we heard in the interviews are:
1. that others in a meeting can always hear your voice properly
2. to never have some food in your mouth when you must unexpectedly speak in an online meeting
3. to never be disrespectful to other participants, e.g. by eating, by disturbing the communication, etc.
4. to be as sure as possible whether in the meeting you are going to participate your input is required or not