Some of you know: During lock-down, we have launched the project «Home? Office? Works!», an open Jobs-to-be-done project to find out what working from home really means. It’s framed around the core job: «To work from home/remote» and intends to make remote work and virtual team leadership more creative, more productive and better.


In this meetup we show you how to use the quantified Value Metrics and how to interpret the Value Maps.


As you can see, Value Maps are always decided in 4 quadrants. The one down right illustrates the Pain Points. Remember, the points (Value Metrics) with a high importance and a low fulfilment rating. This Value Metrics harbour great potential for improvement!

You get not only one Value Map. One can create many different Value Maps depending on which cut you take. On the one hand, one can take the market cut which is the Value Map of all interviews. On the other hand, one can view different cuts such as the Value Map of all female interview partners and the Value Map of all male interview partners. Other interesting cuts could be made by taking a closer look to the age classes.
These cut individual Value Maps give more insights and create a basis to compare results.

With this tangible results one can start to think solution oriented for the first time in a next step, the “Spin” phase.