Some of you know: We have launched the project «Home? Office? Works!», an open Jobs-to-be-done project to find out what home office workers really want. It’s framed around the core job: «To work from home/remote» and intends to make home office, remote work, and virtual team leadership more creative, more productive and better.


Today we talk about the next phase “Spin”.

It is about idea prioritisation and pain matching.

Our key finding is:

  • There is not just one type of home office worker:
    Bees thrive – Butterflies suffer


Working from home is perfect for bees.

“Bees” work in a structured way and know already in the morning what they want to achieve during the day.

Their desk is tidy, and they work on one thing at a time. They end their day at a certain time and suffer if something doesn’t go as planned.


Working from home is hard for butterflies.

“Butterflies” work on several tasks at once.

They are creative and communicative and are inspired by others. Yet they are dedicated and always manage to complete their tasks.


We created 2 different Value Maps.
Value Maps reveal that Bees are overall more satisfied with working from home.

What does it all mean?

•Butterflies are much less satisfied
•Alignment is a key Pain area for everyone
•Bees have and expect a strict work ethic, butterflies are more relaxed
•Bees struggle with reading emotional cues, butterflies struggle with sending them out
•Internal projects and topics are a distractions for butterflies
•COVID-19 will change customers and markets
•100% remote is an illusion. Butterflies suffer too much, Bees are too disconnected
•Organization and teams that smartly balance tasks and remote/office days amongst employees can increase productivity
•The Office must enable even more the relevance of human connections and collaboration to address alignment issues
•COVID-19 also has a unifying power  (will it survive reorganizations?)