Some of you know: During lock-down, we have launched the project «Home? Office? Works!», an open Jobs-to-be-done project to find out what working from home really means. It’s framed around the core job: «To work from home/remote» and intends to make remote work and virtual team leadership more creative, more productive and better.

We have gone through all phases – from framing, in-depth exploration interviews and quantitative validation with more than 140 people. This is the concluding Webinar on this project.

Now we want to share insightful results you helped achieve with all of you. To make you curious: The talk will focus on bees and butterflies and how they struggle and strive at home. As always in this open book project we tell you how we did it.


It takes 5 things to gain actionable insights for successful innovation.

1.Solution free

2. Beyond function
Jobs-to-be-done hierarchy is the starting point for Discovery
Job hierarchy serves as a guide in exploration

3. Concrete
Value Metrics need to be formulated concrete.
They need a unit, an expected result and a context

4. Validated
Quantification: Qualitatively gathered Value Metrics are rated in terms of importance and fulfilment

5. Spinning to action
Align strategies and innovation with unmet customer needs during the development phase