A proven process to take the guesswork out of innovating in digital health

The approach laid out in the article defines the value of a new solution even before costly development work has started. We call it Stakeholder-Focused Innovation (SFI), to express that the value will resonate with each stakeholder group.

Reduced guesswork

Customer focused

Fact based

SFI is a systematic process that guides development work from an external stakeholder perspective. Objectively, measurable, with predictable success.

The whole process is based on the Jobs-to-be-done logic to maintain the customer perspective until development.

Human biases distort decision making in innovation. SFI is customer-data driven so that new products more likely hit the sweet spots of stakeholders.

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What will change when you adopt SFI?

  • Guesswork in the innovation process is dramatically reduced
  • The chances of getting it right the first time will significantly increase
  • Teams are aligned and work towards providing the same value to customers
  • The most burning customer problems are known even before start of development
  • Jobs-to-be-done thinking enables a solution-agnostic approach
  • The value a new solution offers will resonate with each stakeholder group

Key frameworks explained

Job-to-be-done framing

Pain Point mapping

Value Proposition sharpening

JTBD Hierarchy
Promise centered value Proposition
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