Many agree that the current pandemic situation, alongside the dramatic and deadly effects on the lives of so many, also opened up new opprtunities. Now, more than a year after COVID has hit, a new sense of optimism is spreading. Vaccine roll-out and reopenings reinforce the feeling of floodgates to be opened soon.

But, what – precisely – are the new opprtunities the pandemic has opened up? Of course a lot will have to do with digitalization, but that can mean a thousand different things. Digitalization of the new? Of the core? And where to go first? What’s the 80:20 of the post-pandemic opportunities?

Innovators have to look beyond internal discussions and get a refreshed understanding of what has changed from a customer perspective. Our CFI approach is uniquely able to provide a quantitatively robust, outside-in customer perspective to understand the shifts that occurred in customer needs. Concretely, granularly and solution-independent; i.e. valid for any kind of solution. The Value Map shows which customer needs are an opportunity:

The Value Map as a key output lays out what matters most to customers and what their most burning Pain Points are. Each dot on the map is a customer need. The Value Map pinpoints new opportunities to really know where they are.

Do you want to know your opportunities from the customer view?