8th Sept.

18:30pm CET


A chat with Scott Burleson

The Geneva and London JTBD meetup are organizing a talk with Scott Burleson, author of a recent book on JTBD and invited Vendbridge to join the panel. Join us in this deep dive into JTBD philosophy!

Here’s the description:

We will be talking to Scott Burleson about his fantastic recent book “The Statue in the Stone”, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions. This book touches on a lot of the deepest questions around JTBD.

Scott is a JTBD philosopher and practitioner and has a diverse background from manufacturing, to product management and corporate innovation leadership.

As the product manager for John Deere’s premium compact tractors, he led strategic marketing for the 1023E and 1025R tractors. With the foresight provided by JTBD, these would become two of Deere’s most successful products in its long history.

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