CFI (Customer-focused Innovation) is Vendbridge’s framework to uncover unmet customer needs. It is designed to make the Jobs-to-be-done logic actionable. In any industry.

The four phases:

CFI Framework Frame

Companies innovate for a purpose: They want to grow, enter new markets, develop new products, try out new marketing and sales strategies. Priorities for users are different: They want to get a job done. CFI clarifies the business intention upfront, making sure that innovators keep the goal in mind. It then frames the business challenge at hand from a users‘ jobs-to-be-done point of view, thereby shifting the perspective from a limiting internal company view to the broader user view.

Discovering unmet user needs is a challenge, often giving a picture distorted by both company-internal biases and customers being stuck with existing solutions. CFI explores user jobs and context realities both broad and deep along the usage journey – thereby uncovering hundreds of specific user value metrics that drive behaviors. In a second step, CFI lets customers/users validate those metrics outside-in to identify user pain points and essential needs.


A deep understanding of users‘ point of view offers major opportunities. As the main focus of discussions and decision-making shifts to pain points and how well they are addressed, innovation strategies are oriented towards user needs. Everyone involved gains a better understanding of what needs to be done so business objectives can be achieved. Every project or initiative will be centered around a value proposition that resonates with users.

Every company has its own way of developing solutions. Some follow a more conventional R&D approach, others a more agile one that involves frequent interactions with users. No matter which one you prefer – keeping focused on users‘ pain points is key. The CFI framework keeps users at the table throughout the development process, thus maximizing your innovation success.