• Cochlear: Re-aligned the innovation roadmap based on identified and validated pain points of patients, surgeons and audiologists
  • Roche Diabetes: Helped to define value proposition and guide launch marketing strategy for a newly developed insulin injection system, based on identified unmet needs and motivational drivers of diabetes-1 patients in daily insulin management.
  • Roche Diagnostics: Identified unmet needs of physicians and nurses during daily use of point-of-care diagnostic devices
  • Medtech company: Helped to develop and assess new business model ideas targeted at payers in UK, Germany, Spain and NL


  • Hyundai: Helped to inform development requirements for new car seats for the redesign of the European B-model range
  • Hyundai: Uncovered a treasure chest of more than 1’000 user value metrics for six usage situations of a car owner. Treasure chest value metrics are validated on a case-by-case basis afterwards.

Culture & Entertainment

  • Art Basel: Helped to define the digital strategy and identify the most promising innovation ideas, based on the unmet needs of VIP art collectors
  • FIFA Museum: Helped to define the entertainment content of the new Zurich-based world football museum, based on a pain point analysis of potential visitors and on a jobs-to-be-done driven competitive analysis
  • TV company: Prioritized and refined more than one hundred innovation ideas based on end-consumer expectations

Technology start-ups

  • CTI Startup Sales Acceleration program: Coached more than 100 Swiss start-up companies to create a compelling customer-focused value proposition and selling story
  • Twingtec (small wind power generation): Business plan coaching for product development and go-to-market strategy
  • Fashwell (image recognition): Helped identify a promising business model ensuring VC financing and market entry
  • Doodle (scheduling): Helped identify pain points of users and non-users, in order to define a paid premium offering
  • Neuronics / F&P Robotics: Business plan coaching, followed by go-to-market advise for launching a new personal robotics solution

Banking / Insurance

  • Axa: Uncovered pain points of life insurance and car insurance customers, in order to guide the innovation strategy in a customer-focused way
  • Health insurance: Helped to define the next generation value proposition and market positioning, based on unmet needs. Including assessment and ideation of a future service offering
  • Swiss private banking: Helped to create a new advisory concept with a compelling value proposition for future retirees.
  • Swiss private bank: Defined a repositioning strategy, which included development of a compelling value proposition and ideas for a new service offering

Consumer goods

  • Beiersdorf: Helped to create an innovation strategy beyond skin care, addressing unmet needs of German consumers
  • Lindt & Sprüngli: Developed a customer-centered messaging strategy for the top-end of Indian consumers
  • Swiss furniture retailer: Defined a brand repositioning and a service strategy to better differentiate the company from Ikea and other competitors
  • Big-3 tobacco company: Helped to understand drivers and barriers of emerging e-cigarette technologies and solutions, in order to define acquisition targets and a new product development strategy


  • Syngenta: Helped to develop an innovation strategy based on farmers‘ unmet needs to convince Chinese and Indian farmers of the efficiency and value of premium insecticide products
  • Syngenta: Brainstormed and created innovative concepts targeted at small Indian farmers at the bottom of the wealth pyramid
  • Bossard (global fastening solution distributor): Developed customer-centered engineering solutions helping product developers in prototyping and manufacturing in process reengineering
  • European electronic components distributor: Helped differentiate the company’s value proposition vis-à-vis competitors, based on outside-in customer insights for key European markets
  • Global OEM for thermic power plants: Helped develop a customer-focused innovation strategy for the next generation gas power plants
  • Global OEM for hydropower solutions: Helped develop a service concept for preemptive maintenance of aging hydro-power plants in Europe, Canada and the US