User first

CFI puts the users first. They know best what they want and they are a fantastic source of inspiration for new ideas. Provided they are asked the right questions, namely framed by the jobs-to-be-done perspective.

Concrete over abstract

CFI identifies specific user pain points rather than abstract insights. Why? Because abstract concepts don’t trigger emotions or prompt new behaviors. A notion well known by story tellers, but largely ignored by strategists. The basic principle is: The concrete always beats the abstract.

Outside-in over inside-out

CFI levels out biases. Conventional thinking and long-standing beliefs are challenged by an outside-in user perspective. Biases in managerial decision making, a new field in management, has been designed into the CFI framework.

Solution free

CFI strictly separates needs from product solutions. Because people tend to forget: a product is not a need. Products come and go. Needs stay forever.

Facts over anecdotes

CFI «quantifies» pain points based on an outside-in user rating. The result is a solid fact base, which provides more valuable knowledge than anecdotical evidence – an essential plus considering that companies often invest millions in a new strategy.


CFI generates actionable outcomes: a clear picture of user pain points, inspiring value propositions, validated relevance. There is no room for doubts when it comes to implementation.