Cutting edge

  • CFI/Jobs-to-be-done is one of the most advanced customer-centricity method that exists
  • Vendbridge has a proven expertise and track-recod of JTBD successes
  • The CFI approach has been refined in over 120 projects

Designed for impact

  • The workshops are tailored to solve the business questions on your mind
  • Tools & frameworks adjusted to ongoing projects
  • Geared towards learning by doing

Fully remote

  • JTBD Injector Workshops are fully digital by default
  • Wherever your team is, we bring them all together
  • Sessions can be recorded, documents and tools are all digital

Working with Vendbridge was a pleasure – they are flexible and customer-focused. Vendbridge not only brings a high methodological competence to the table, but also the necessary pragmatism to get teams to achieve results.

Mirjam Reber, Agile Coach in SaaS

The Jobs-to-be-done logic is very convincing but a challenge in it’s application. Vendbridge provided us concrete help and straightforward tools to successfully apply Jobs-to-be-done during the workshop and after.

Heiner Kaufmann, Senior Innovation Expert, SBB CFF FFS

What the team can do after a JTBD Injector Workshop

Your team will:

  • Understand the JTBD logic to think more customer-centric
  • Be able to frame their projects and ideas from a customer perspective
  • Know how customer judge the value of their ideas and projects
  • Change the way they interact with customers and deal with customer input
  • Have sharpened a lighthouse-project from the customers perspective
  • Have a set of tools and frameworks to apply the next day
We look forward to hearing from you.

Components of the workshop


Jobs-to-be-done is a way to think like your customers. In a nutsell: Customers don’t want a product, they want to get help getting their Job done better. Jobs-to-be-done is customer-centric because it’s a solution-free way of thinking and takes an external perspective.

CFI (Customer-Focused Innovation) is the Vendbridge approach to apply Jobs-to-be-done.

Key Frameworks

To frame a project

To identify customer needs

To sharpen the Value Proposition

jtbd hierarchy


Value Metric kit

Promise centered value Proposition

Promise-centered Value Proposition Canvas

What happens next?

  1. We meet on a video call and discuss a JTBD Injector example
  2. We specifiy your needs and tailor the JTBD Injector accordingly
  3. We kick start your organization with an awesome workshop
  4. We do a systematic feedback round and a debrief if it is something for you
We look forward to hearing from you.

Who will facilitate your JTBD Injector Workshop?

Beat has more than 25 years of experience in business strategy, innovation and marketing & sales.

+41 79 630 46 16

Yann has more than 10 years of experience working with the CFI Methodology and JTBD.

+41 79 516 14 02

Let’s meet!

Alternatively send an e-mail to hello@vendbridge.com