What we do

Customer foundation

Your organization wants to deeply, concretely and fundamentally understand what drives customers. Know their Pain Points in a fact-based and quantitatively validated manner. And use that understanding for various other purposes, such as innovation, strategy, branding and roadmapping, etc. We can help you build a customer foundation.

Idea sharpening

Ideas are often abundant. But which ideas are worth betting on? Which really address an unmet customer need? And which ideas need to be rescoped and sharpened to achieve market success? We can help you systematically evaluate, prioritize and sharpen ideas from a customer perspective.

Value Proposition

Every product or service needs a clear and compelling Value Propositon. Value Propositions get compelling if they promise to solve your customers true Pain Points and unmet needs. With our Promise-centered Value Proposition design tool, together, we develop cristal clear Value Propositions to boost market success.

Service Blueprint

To align your organization to the customer a Service Blueprint or a customer journey must be based on a thorough outside-in understanding of your customer. Understand the customer’s Job-to-be-done to build Service Blueprints that are truly isomorphic to the customer’s experience. We can help you build Service Blueprints based on an unbiased customer understanding.

Jobs-to-be-done Injector Workshops

Jobs-to-be-done Injector Workshops are designed to inject teams and organizations with leading methods to act and think more customer-centric.

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Jobs-to-be-done coaching

Do you struggle to apply Jobs-to-be-done in your organization on current projects? We offer a Jobs-to-be-done coaching on your current projects so you can make them a success. You run the project, we advise you on how to apply Jobs-to-be-done.

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The Customer Value Map

We create a deeper customer understanding with  jobs-to-be-done, a strong logic to understand customers better. Key in our approach is the Customer Value Map, a tool to guide market strategies, innovation initiatives and new product developments: fact-based and validated.

Customer Value Map