Applying Jobs-to-be-done is challenging

You work on a growth project and want to apply the powerful Jobs-to-be-done logic (JTBD). Quotes like “People don’t want a drill. They want a hole in the wall” are so easy to understand and instantly lead to a change in perspective.
However, once you start applying this great idea it quickly becomes challenging:
  • There are so many customer jobs. Which should we focus on?
  • There is a multitude of context situations. Which are relevant?
  • It is important to speak directly with customers. How does this work and how do you find the right ones?
  • Management needs more than anecdotes. How can we quantify?
  • Knowing the customer is one thing. How can we turn the insights into action?

Vendbridge JTBD Coaching

Vendbridge has a proven expertise in Jobs-to-be-done and offers you a hands-on, tailored Jobs-to-be-done coaching to apply it on your current project. The coaching approach has two objectives:
  • Bring your growth project to market success
  • Enhance your skills in Jobs-to-be-done

It’s highly likely that you want to use Jobs-to-be-done more than once in your company. In the coaching approach, we therefore develop your Jobs-to-be-done skills and build them further, making you independent of external support and making your growth plans a success. We offer you an individually tailored coaching program – completely digital depending on the situation.

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We work in 3 steps

1. Frame

(Re-)Frame the business intention of your project from a customer perspective

2. Discover

Organize, run and analyze JTBD interviews for actionable insights and prepare the findings for quantitative validation

3. Spin

Turn validated insights into action, e.g., match ideas with pain points, design compelling value propositions or create JTBD-based service blueprints.

Proven Jobs-to-be-done expertise

Vendbridge brings the customer focus into growth initiatives to increase market success. We are leading in Jobs-to-be-done, a powerful logic to integrate the customer perspective. Companies from various industries and technology startups use our Customer-Focused Innovation (CFI) methodology to design compelling value propositions, prioritize innovation ideas and focus strategies on unmet needs.

Benefit from our experience and our tools to apply Jobs-to-be-done successfully.

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