The Vendbridge core team:

Beat has more than 25 years of experience in business strategy, innovation and marketing & sales.

Yann has more than 10 years of experience working with the CFI Methodology and JTBD.

Petra has more than 25 years of experience in market research and project management.

Annika is a Consultant at Vendbridge since 2020.

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Board members

Stephan is a co-founder of Vendbridge.

Alice has been a partner at Vendbridge since 2013.

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International CFI-Network

Leyhausen International is a global field agency with offices in Germany, UK, the Middle East and Africa. They cooperate with partners in Europe, Southcorea and the US.

Hazel Arnot is an expert in developing and implementing growth strategies with a focus on pharmaceuticals.

Sociotrend is an expert partner in the latest methods of social research.

Alexandria Group is a Brasil-based innovation and branding consultancy.

Vendbridge AG
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User first

CFI puts the users first. They know best what they want and they are a fantastic source of inspiration for new ideas. Provided they are asked the right questions, namely framed by the jobs-to-be-done perspective.

Concrete over abstract

CFI identifies specific user pain points rather than abstract insights. Why? Because abstract concepts don’t trigger emotions or prompt new behaviors. A notion well known by story tellers, but largely ignored by strategists. The basic principle is: The concrete always beats the abstract.

Outside-in over inside-out

CFI levels out biases. Conventional thinking and long-standing beliefs are challenged by an outside-in user perspective. Biases in managerial decision making, a new field in management, has been designed into the CFI framework.

Solution free

CFI strictly separates needs from product solutions. Because people tend to forget: a product is not a need. Products come and go. Needs stay forever.

Facts over anecdotes

CFI «quantifies» pain points based on an outside-in user rating. The result is a solid fact base, which provides more valuable knowledge than anecdotical evidence – an essential plus considering that companies often invest millions in a new strategy.


CFI generates actionable outcomes: a clear picture of user pain points, inspiring value propositions, validated relevance. There is no room for doubts when it comes to implementation.