Alice Šáchová-Kleisli has more than 25 years’ experience of working in international companies, including 14 years as a Managing Director and CEO. Born in the Czech Republic, Alice grew up in Germany and studied business administration in Cologne before beginning her career in brand management at Procter & Gamble (P&G). She worked for P&G in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Alice was responsible for a variety of product launches and the repositioning of numerous brands. She gained valuable experience during the takeover and integration of Czech state-owned company Rakona and German family business Ellen Betrix in 1990.

From 1994 until 1998, Alice worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in London and Zurich. Her role focused on corporate strategy and post-merger integration for companies in the retail, consumer goods and financial services industries. During this time, she was also an active member of the BCG Consumer & Retail Practice Group.

From 1998 until 2001, Alice Šáchová was CEO of Tela AG. She restructured the company, which was subsequently sold to Kimberly-Clark, and led its integration into the new parent corporation. For her managerial efforts and competence, she was awarded the LadyWaterman Prize in 1999. Alongside her leadership role at Tela AG, she established the European own brand business for Kimberly-Clark.

In 2002 Alice bought the Swiss advertising agency FAVO and became an entrepreneur in this creative sector. The following six years were dedicated to strategic brand communication, customer insights and the implementation of creative concepts in communication materials. Alice first worked with Vendbridge during her time at FAVO.

Alice Šáchová became CEO and shareholder of the DE SEDE Group (DSG) in 2008. She was attracted to the brand portfolio, which includes the premium de Sede brand, and the challenge to develop DSG into a powerful European furniture manufacturer. She was similarly interested in the management-buy-in offer from the private equity firm CAPVIS. As a result of the move to DSG, Alice sold FAVO to European agency network Scholz & Friends; however, she continues to sit on the board of the Swiss subsidiary. At DSG, she set up, inter alia, the product management function and established an innovation process including a designer strategy. She had to drastically restructure the company due to the ongoing financial crisis, and in 2012 DSG’s operating companies were sold to a private investor.

Alice has always enjoyed working in the areas of innovation, customer insights, positioning and the evaluation of new business areas, so she’s very happy to be joining Vendbridge as a partner in summer 2013. She’s also looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to the CFI Institute.

Alongside her operating responsibilities, Alice has actively contributed to various supervisory boards for more than 10 years. She was on the boards of B.A.T. Switzerland in Lausanne and laboratory equipment manufacturer Integra Bioscience in Landquart until 2008. In addition to Scholz & Friends, Alice Šáchová is also currently a board member of shutter manufacturer Griesser AG and is chairman of the board at ASE Technik AG in Lucerne, a plant construction firm specializing in gravel quarries.

Her vast network and experience in strategy, branding, PMI, company restructuring and market launches is highly sought after by boards. Alice Šáchová is also active in a variety of business networks. She is the founding member of the Griffith Club in Zurich, and since 2010 has been on the management board of the Swiss Association for Marketing (GfM). Since 2012 she has held the position of president of the prestigious Swiss Management Association (SMG), where she has been a board member since 2009.


The advice Vendbridge gave for our B2B sales strategy has changed the game.
Resulting in a better learning curve and most important more closed deals.
I would highly recommend hiring Vendbridge to work on sales acceleration.

Jim Hershkowitz, Co-founder Immodating

Your professionalism and commitment impressed me. My objective has been achieved.
Changing the mindset from: «What new business model can we develop?» to
«What are the opportunities for us, given our customer's true needs?»

Antonio, Head of Global Market Access

I thought I knew my clients, but what I discovered from your project
gave me a whole new perspective on how our clients think.

Paul, New Business Model Developer

When I committed the money for this project, I expected
one new insight. Now I got at least 8. It was worth every pound.

Laura, Head of Market Access UK

With Vendbridge we did an amazing project. They helped us open up our eyes
and have a different perspective that brought real good value to us.

TV Provider, Head of Innovation

Every time I visited India in the last 4 years, more questions occurred.
With this approach, I discovered solutions to answers.
I am now prepared to go ahead full steam with these ideas.

Lindt & Sprüngli of Switzerland, Area manager India

In the context of the project focusing on TV Widgets,
I was truly impressed by the power of your method,
the practicability of your tools and the inspiration that came from it.

Digital TV, Head of Innovation

Vendbridge’s advise was really amazing. The tools they recommended, like the pain
sheet, revealed totally new insights from our clients, which we can use to demonstrate
our value. I am sure this will instantly improve our sales results.

Technology Startup, CEO

You Vendbridge guys really inspired our relationship managers.

Global Retail Bank, Business Unit Head Asset Management