If you want your business to grow, you need to dare to do something new. Thus break new ground. For this, you will need ideas and orientation. Vendbridge will give you both.

Discover the pain points of your customers from an unbiased perspective. Focus on the right opportunities and recognize blind spots. Thanks to our proprietary CFI framework. Together, we develop the most promising strategies to address those pains. Systematically along the three growth horizons.


You can read on what we do or who we work for. Or we talk about it over a cup of coffee.

Vendbridge accelerates growth through useful innovations. Since too many products and business models fail due to a lack of customer acceptance, we developed the CFI framework, and improved it in more than 120 projects.

CFI stands for Customer Focused Innovation and brings the customer back to the decision table. CFI uses the Jobs-to-be-done logic and uncovers what customers really want. In a concrete, unbiased and measurable way.

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In addition to our client work, we like brain work. Therefore we continuously improve our thinking and our approaches. We actively exchange with universities, strategy consultants, business networks, startup companies, the jobs-to-be-done community as well as think tanks and other lateral thinkers. Always searching for inspiration and something new.

Some of the topics we deal with are:

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